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Getting word out! Researching First!

Our crowd sourcing content is coming along nicely! I just need to gather some pictures and graphics because nobody likes a wall of text. Since our crowd funding campaign is about to go online in the very near future, we should tell as many people as we can. Sigh, the challenge here is to be as non “spammy” as possible. With that being said, I thought it would be awesome to be backed by an official salon forum. So we plan on partnering with a forum and work out some kind of mutual agreement. All that is soon to come. We are currently in the process of gathering a list of forums, Facebook profiles of salons (which we explained earlier) and some Linked’In circles together. Hold on tight and watch out for updates!

Crowd-sourcing! Preparing!

TidySMS is still in its infancy stages and we are thinking long and hard about how we can get a jump-start! We decided that instead of investing time into fine tuning the application and suffer from the lack of exposure, that we will instead invest time into advertising our Minimum Viable Product. The Minimum Viable Product is a “product with the highest return on investment versus risk.” This decision is due to the fact that we only need a few dozen additional clients every month in order to fuel the further development of our service and application.

If we decided to instead invest the time and money into the service first, we probably wouldn’t have a budget for advertising. You can have the greatest product in the world, but if no-one sees it, well its useless.

We plan on utilizing a number of crowd-sourcing platforms with Kickstarter and IndieGoGo being the largest. We are currently writing out the content that we plan on uploading to those sites along with learning ways to spread the word to as many people as possible. Keep an eye open for the links to our crowd-sourcing campaigns in the future!

Nearing official release! What to expect!

After a few months of development and working with a hand full of Houston businesses, TidySMS is finally getting near its official release! With the revamping of our website and a cleaner and easier to use user interface, we expect our clients to have an even greater experience.

And don’t expect us to stop there. We have many upgrades that we would like to integrate into our program that will come out into the near future. Some of these upgrades you should look forward to include the ability for your customers to schedule appointments quickly directly from their phones as well as an easy to use app for your Android and iOS powered mobile devices.

So what’s new so far? Initially when we began our SMS messaging trials in Houston, our system was nearly 100 percent based over the phone. Our clients would sign up with us via the internet, and every month we would call them up and set up a SMS schedule for the following month. This would use no more than 10-20 minutes of our clients time because they usually had their monthly specials planned already for use in online/newspaper/radio advertisements.

Now we do the same service, but we have the option of submitting your SMS schedule via our website. You can submit your messages one at a time, or as a document with the entire months worth of messages. Once submitted to us, we will confirm that we received your schedule and if we don’t understand something, we will call you up to sort it out.

Also, something new to expect is the monthly reports! Every month our clients will receive an easy to read report of how many customers they have signed up, how many messages were sent, what messages were sent when, and recommendations for future campaigns.

Remember, we are always open to new ideas and concepts. If you have an idea that you think would benefit the users of TidySMS, please let us know by clicking here!


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